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Gotenba Kogen dancing fountain
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The Gotenba Kogen dancing fountain lit by HELIOS and DELTA, in Japan.

Gotenba Kogen

Shizuoka, Japan

Monarque Co.

The Gotenba Kogen is a luxury resort hotel with a beautiful view of mount Fuji, located in the city of Shizuoka.
Among the attractions offered to the resort guests, there is a large hi-tech dancing fountain which impresses with the articulation of its jets and variety of the figures obtained.
The hotel has recently added a new wonder to the fountain: a powerful jet of water 70 meters high. The management of the Gotenba Kogen entrusted Monarque Co. – a Tokio-based company that specializes in this type of work – the task of adequately illuminate the large fountain and the water jet.
Monarque installed an articulated lighting system made of D.T.S. LED projectors. 104 HELIOS BRONZE RGB underwater projectors fitted with spot lenses light the fountain and the base of the water jet; the HELIOS are powered by 13 Z8 power supplies / controllers.
4 DELTA 8 RGB high-power LED projectors fitted with spot lenses light the water jet, up to a height of 70 meters.


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