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28/05/2015 D.T.S. at Lighting Week Brasil.

D.T.S. staff is busy all day meeting lighting professi...

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26/05/2015 D.T.S. met Sonygraf in Bogota.

Mirna Macchini (D.T.S. Export Area Manager) met with t...

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24/05/2015 EVO showcased at PALM Expo 2015, May 28-30, Mumbai.
D.T.S. will join the exhibition...
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Products highlights


Introducing EVO, a truly new concept in entertainment lighting. Forget any compromises found in other moving heads: EVO features a true Beam and a true Spot in a single unit. So you get the best of both.
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WONDER.D offers an exclusive double concentric optical system featuring different lenses and linear zoom ranges (central: 3.5°- 52° zoom; ring: 8°- 52° zoom).

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WONDER.S introduces a revolutionary fixture architecture: an exclusive optical system consisting of two concentric zones, each featuring a different type of lenses.

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MAX features a unique optical group that for the first time enables 4 different types of projection with a single moving head: Beam, Spot, Wash, and Theatre.

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RAPTOR is the most compact Beam moving head on the market: just 37 cm x 50 cm.
RAPTOR projects the most powerful beam light (150.000 Lux / 15 m), and the most concentrated one.

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NICK NRG 801 is an high-efficiency compact LED moving head wash light which delivers a massive luminosity combined with an extremely light weight (only 9 Kg).

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Case histories

Asia's Got Talent: 50 x WONDERs highlight the show at AXN TV studios.

50 units of the ground-breaking WONDER LED Wall Washer have been installed at Singapore based AXN TV studios, from which the prime time show ‘Asia's Got Talent’ is broadcast.

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West Side Story staged at Deutsches Theater, lit with FOS 100.

West Side Story has been the first performance staged in the Deutsches Theater after the historical building has been recently updated with the latest lighting technology.

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‘Draw in Lights’, Berlin.

Laser beams, sound and creative lighting - delivered by NRG 501 and JACK moving heads - were among the main ingredients of the ‘Draw in Lights’ exhibition.

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The RAPTOR and NRG 1201 light up 'Radicais Livres'.

'Radicais Livres' is a religious movement popular in Brazil, deeply rooted among the youth, which gave birth for the sixth consecutive year to the largest gospel event in the country.

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50,000 fans join the 4th edition of Villa Mix, lit by 300 D.T.S. moving heads.

The mega event, that lasted 12 hours in total, was lit by more than 300 moving heads by D.T.S.

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MAX on stage with Cristiano De André. Interview with 'Ciuf', Lighting Designer of the tour.

Ioannis Vafidis - to colleagues and friends simply 'Ciuf' - was the lighting designer of the 2014 tour of Cristiano De André. We thank ‘Ciuf’ for his courtesy in describing the lighting design he created.

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  • Custom shop Custom shop

    Our new Custom Shop provides specialized solutions for adapting D.T.S. products to your needs. Now you can have it made your way! If you need to customize a D.T.S. product to fit your needs, just let us know. We'll be glad to consider your request for a customized D.T.S. product made just for you.

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  • Project office Project office

    D.T.S. provides professional pre-sales consulting for the choice of the best products for different needs, and design solutions to adapt D.T.S. products to customer requests and project specifications, as well as a comprehensive after-sales assistance.

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  • 3-year warranty 3-year warranty

    The constant modernization of technologies of the production process ensures superior precision in all operations. The high standard of efficiency enhances the overall quality and the reliability of the products; D.T.S. grants 3-year warranty on its products.

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Railway application

  • Railway applications Railway applications

    Railway applications

    D.T.S. offers complete solutions for railway lighting, as it integrates in a seamless  system LED products, power supplies and control units.
    D.T.S. also provides a comprehensive after-sales assistance as well as professional pre-sales consulting, planning  and design solutions  to adapt D.T.S. products to the project specifications.

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  • Railway Case histories Railway Case histories

    Case histories

    D.T.S. LED products offer a totally new approach to railway lighting, in terms of light quality, colour temperature control, remote power supply and control, extremely long lifespan, robustness, energy savings, reduced manpower & assistance costs.
    See how D.T.S. products have been successfully installed in several stations.

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